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Mimi is a stuffed bunny that my daughter has had since she was a newborn.  Mimi is her favorite toy and is with her everywhere she goes. She’s played dress up, soothed tears and has always been there with Natalie.  When Natalie was two, I picked her up from daycare one evening and her sitter, said, “Who is Mimi?  She keeps asking for Mimi”.  I did not know what she was talking about.  When I brought Natalie home, she ran to the bunny and said, “Mimi”… and the name stuck.  

On the evening before we were to leave for vacation, Natalie told us she had lost her Mimi, which is not an uncommon occurrence in the Markel household.  When we first realized she was lost, we thought, “she’ll turn up, she always does” since Mimi tends to get lost in the house quite often.  Well, the morning we were to leave for our vacation, we finally retraced our steps and realized what had happened.  Mimi had accidentally gotten thrown out in the trash at our favorite restaurant.  We called the restaurant and they could not find her.  

Natalie immediately started crying.  We knew we would never get her back.  The bunny that had been everywhere with Natalie and was linked to so many memories.  We kept thinking that maybe we were wrong and she didn’t go out in the trash.  But then we tore the house apart and didn't find her.  Needless to say, it was a somber drive to the ocean.

On our way to the beach, we stopped by Babies R Us, which is where we were pretty sure Mimi came from (mind you, 10 years ago!).  We obviously didn’t find anything like Mimi but we did find another bunny to get for her.  It was something to ease the heartache.

StaceyMarkelPhotography 4109051993 One morning while we were all sitting on our balcony, my husband was online and found an exact picture of Mimi, he enhanced the image and found out that the manufacturer was Kids Preferred.  I started looking on eBay and found her but was immediately deflated when I realized it was an old posting from a few years ago.  My son was also searching and looked up Kids Preferred 2007 since we knew she was made around that time.  A website came up!!  We clicked the link and there she was….FOR SALE!!!  We could not believe it.  Never in a million years did I think we would ever find a replacement.  Dalton immediately handed me the phone, I purchased it and hoped for the best. 

When we arrived back from vacation the bunny was waiting in our mailbox!  She’s not exactly the same since she’s all stuffed properly and has no holes and is now back to her natural shade of pink but we joke and say that Mimi took her own vacation at the spa and got a makeover. 

In case you need your own lovey replacement, here's where we purchased Mimi 2.0 -----> Le Chat Noir Boutique



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