{letters to my children} ~ February 2016

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{letters to my children}

Each month, I am going to be writing a letter to my children (one or both).  I'm not a great writer...I'm not even a decent writer, but I want to put something together for my children that they can keep.  My plan is to print all the letters out at the end of the year and put together a scrapbook for them.  

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Love one another

Dearest D & N:

February is always a month known for LOVE.  But love should not be shared only during this month (or just one day a year).  Love should be celebrated every day.  Be sure to always tell the people that you care for just how you feel about them.  I don’t want you to live with any regrets so be sure to tell your loved ones that you love them. 

My D, You’re always the first person to say, “I love you”.  First thing in the morning at 6:15, you knock on my bedroom door and say,"I'm gonna go make breakfast, I love you."  I love that this is first thing I hear every weekday morning.  When you leave for the bus, “I love you". When you get off the bus, if I'm working home, "I'm going up in my room to draw, I love you".   At bedtime, “I’m heading up...goodnight, & I love you".  I will never get tired of hearing "I love you” from you and I hope this continues forever.

While the words are said, I hope you and N continue to show each other that you love each other, not just with words but with how you treat one another, too. 

Love, Mom

February 2016

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