{Tell Me a Story} | Blog Circle | May 2015

May 31, 2015  •  5 Comments

Tell me a Story | May 2015 | Blog Circle

About 5 weeks ago, I got a call from my daughter's school saying that she got her finger stuck in the bathroom door (the hinged side).  I picked her up, took one look at it and we went to the immediate care.  She had an x-ray and we were told she had an avulsion fracture and would need a splint for at least 8 weeks.  Every evening, we take the bandage off, wash her hand and re-splint it.  To make it even more fun for her, I've created some fun designs on the splint.  This is the process we go through every evening.  (You'll see in the images that my daughter was a little trigger happy with my remote trigger.)  It's our nightly story....

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First we take the old bandage off. 

Next, we wash her hand.  

Next we cover the splint back up with wrapping.   

And a "feel better" kiss. 

I've also included some samples of our fun artwork.

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Not fun to have an injury but I love how you decorated her bandage and made some memories along the way!
Emily Kohl(non-registered)
What a great story! Glad she is ok!! Love the photo of you kissing her hand in the black and white.
Janelle Garcia(non-registered)
So sorry about your daughter's fracture! She's such a good sport, and I love all of the fun designs on her bandages. My favorite image is the black and white shot of you kissing her hand. Beautiful!
Sharon Meyer(non-registered)
So sorry about your daughters finger Stacey.. poor thing!..love the pics in the mirror also!.. hope she heals fast.....
Oh Stacey, I am so sorry about your daughters finger. That is quite a job each day to have to do that. Cameron had a number of surgeries that involved having his legs pinned and 3x a day I would clean his pins. What a tough job. That your daughter is smiling through of this, bless her. It does help to make it fun. My favorite image is of you two smiling into the mirror, just gorgeous.
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