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November 30, 2015  •  3 Comments

{Blog Circle} ~ November 2015

"Thirty Minutes in the Life" will feature ladies from around the world as we capture 30 minutes in our lives as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends {and photographers}.  This is a blog circle so please be sure to visit the next photographer in the circle. 

It's that time of year where there are leaves everywhere! Our front lawn looks like we are growing leaves so we decided to do some raking one Sunday morning after church.  It took us forever to just get one bag (and still many more were needed but we still had some fun while we did it!) 

Next up in the blog circle is Hayley Hay Photography I Lausanne, Switzerland family and child photographer.  I cannot wait to see what she did with her 30 minutes!   

Please take the time to visit all the photographers in our blog circle and leave a comment.  We would really appreciate it!


About "30 Minutes in the Life":  In the life of a photographer, whose art is created in tiny fractions of a second, thirty minutes is a sustained thought. Thirty minutes, the length of a child's ballet class, a quick sauce's simmer, a commute, is long enough to witness change and short enough to be over before you know it.  We offer you here our monthly results of thirty minutes of watching and waiting and recording, of rendering permanent those fractions of a second that slip past in the time it takes to watch a television show.  Thirty minutes in the life. 




Great perspective! I like that you get right in there. :) And you still have so much colour and sunshine in your November. :)
Stacey, these are great. I love how you always get you in the frame for your posts. Such a great sign of fall.
Colleen P(non-registered)
Oh what fun!! I looove that photo of your daughter throwing the leaves up in the air, and that perspective looking up the rake is very cool.
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