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September 29, 2014  •  13 Comments

30 Minutes in the Life ~ September 2014


"Thirty Minutes in the Life" will feature ladies from around the world as we capture 30 minutes in our lives as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends {and photographers}.  This is a blog circle so please be sure to visit the next photographer in the circle. 


 During the school year, my husband and I want our children to participate in some sort of activity that they enjoy.  Natalie chose to take swim lessons because she wants to swim "just like my brother".  This was her first class and how I spent my 30 minutes this month.  She was a little shy at first and didn't want to be introduced to the teacher or the other children.  But she quickly warmed up, like she always does.  She's a pretty good swimmer but needs to gain more confidence in the water.  She was shown how to breathe correctly while swimming, different types of strokes and how to jump in (so fun!).  She's my own little mermaid. 

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About "30 Minutes in the Life":  In the life of a photographer, whose art is created in tiny fractions of a second, thirty minutes is a sustained thought. Thirty minutes, the length of a child's ballet class, a quick sauce's simmer, a commute, is long enough to witness change and short enough to be over before you know it.  We offer you here our monthly results of thirty minutes of watching and waiting and recording, of rendering permanent those fractions of a second that slip past in the time it takes to watch a television show.  Thirty minutes in the life. 


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Cindy Cavanagh(non-registered)
her eyelashes in that last one are just stunning. love these ordinary moments.
Kristi Burton(non-registered)
these are so great Stacey!! What a cutie and how fun that she's taking lessons. Gorgeous!!
Julia Cooke(non-registered)
This just took me right back to the smell and sensation of childhood swimming lessons. You caught the feel of it so perfectly. I love the variety of expressions you captured. Beautiful black and white work too.
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