Life to Her Years ~ Life Lessons for Dad {Book Review}

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Awesome Book for Awesome Dads!!

I have been given an early release copy of Michael Mitchell's new book which comes out just in time for Father's Day. Michael has a website called, Life to Her Years, which he started to give other dads tips in how to add life to their daughter's years and to have something that he can live by as well.  


Well, Michael decided it was time to write a book about all the tips he's compiled and the end result is Life Lessons for Dad: Tea Parties, Tutus and All Things Pink.  It's a beautifully written book that shares those tips that Dads should not forget, like "Remember, no matter what age, she will always be your little girl".  There is nothing more precious than a father’s love and affection for his daughter and this book helps capture the essence of daddy’s little girl.  These tips are everyday reminders for Dads to connect with their daughters in many ways. Some are heartfelt and some are funny but they all hit the mark for any father of a little girl.  It's about being there for your daughter and teaching her all about what a good man should be so when she grows up, she will measure any man against her dad.  It's filled with beautiful images of Michael, his wife and daughter, as well as many other friends & family who submitted photos to be included.  I have the pleasure of having some of my own images of my daughter and husband in the book as well.  It's an honor to be a part of this wonderful book that celebrates the beauty of Fathers and Daughters and our family will cherish this for years to come!! I’m so blessed that my daughter has an amazing father who cherishes her very much {see what I mean in the picture below???}

  Tea PartyMy husband & daughter

If you have a fabulous "Dad" in your life, I highly recommend you purchase this book for him.  It's a great Father's Day gift for any dad (or soon-to-be-Dad) with a little girl.  Here's the link to Preorder on Amazon.



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