Photo of the Week {Little Miss K}

April 07, 2013  •  6 Comments


Starting today, I will be posting a photo of the week. I chose this because I had such a great time photographing this little girl. First, I took some family shots and asked if I could get some kid shots too. She immediately said, "Me!". She was so excited and she was even asking, "How about this?" or "Let's go over here". I loved it! We spent about 40 minutes with just the two of us capturing some great shots. I even {nervously} turned the camera over to her for a little bit and she took some shots of me.  She was very interested in photography and hope that I helped spark an interest in the field.



melissa stanfield(non-registered)
what a great idea to post a favorite image of the week! she is a beautiful little girl! what i love the most about this image is that she is missing a tooth. this is the beauty of childhood and milestones in the journey! love this.
Great, colorful capture, Stacey!! I love that you let her take some photos of you too! ;)
Polina Bulman(non-registered)
Those stripes against the aquamarine wall - so bold! Love it! <3
Sara Kelly(non-registered)
So pretty and so natural. I love the super-saturated processing, too. Nice work!
I love the bright colors. A turquoise wall? Chyeea!
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